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Bahasa Indonesia

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Interesting stats I found on the stats page:

Where in the world is used?

We host WordPress blogs written in over 120 languages. Below is a break down of the top 10 languages:

  1. English 66%
  2. Spanish 8.7%
  3. Portuguese 6.5%
  4. Indonesian 3.5%
  5. Italian 2%
  6. German 1.8%
  7. French 1.4%
  8. Russian 1.1%
  9. Vietnamese 1.1%
  10. Swedish 1.0%
3.5% of all blogs are in Bahasa Indonesia! thats neat to know hehe..if there are 64,378,904 blogs on that means that 2,253,262 blogs are in bahasa! not bad..
you can see more stats here.

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November 1, 2011 at 10:54 am

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Indonesia top 250 sites

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Indonesia is a hotbed of internet growth. You can do a google search to find hundreds of articles citing the rapid growth of internet and mobile adoption in Indonesia, but none answer the question, what exactly are these people doing on the Internet?

I did a simple analysis using data gathered from Alexa and this is what I found:

Top 10 websites:

1 Facebook
3 Google
5 Yahoo!
6 YouTube
7 Kaskus
10 Twitter


Okay, so Indonesians like social networking (Facebook is the top site and social network, and also twitter), use google as their main search engine, a lot of them like to blog (blogger and wordpress are top sites) and watch youtube videos (probably at work? from my experience the 3G networks here suck making youtube painfully slow), for news they prefer detikcom (tabloid style sensasionalist headline selling news site, not exactly a standard for quality journalism), and they like to hang out at kaskus (the most popular local forum where you can find anything, and I mean anything.)

I tried to categorize each site in the top 250 and this is the graph I generated:



It’s interesting that news sites appear most frequent in the top 250, but what kind of news sites are indonesians browsing?


News Rank 9 13 14
Detiknews 16
Detik Sport 19! 24 31 Kalau Bukan Sekarang, Kapan Lagi? 32 36 40
Detikcom: Situs Warta Era Digital 50 51 63
LiveScore 76 79
Detikhealth : Situs Warta Era Digital 80
Republika Online 83
CNET 85 98
ANTARA News – The Indonesian News Agency 107
Media Indonesia – News & Views – 114
Kontan online 144
GSM Arena 145
Berita Liputan6 – Aktual Tajam Terpercaya 146
Metro TV News and Information 148
Eramuslim 172 175
BBC Online 192
Go 202
Suara Merdeka 203 226 248
The Daily Mail 249


What can we gather from here? You can note that out of the top 10 news sites, Kompas is the only site that is the digital version of an actual newspaper, the other sites are purely online platforms. The other (detik, inilah) are more a mix of news and lifestyle/entertainment news, and is a football site. I recall reading a report on the emergence of BRICI countries that showed in countries like India and China people use the internet to access financial news where global financial publications such as financial times and CNBC were top sites they accessed. Apparently that has not happened in Indonesia yet where lifestyle and entertainment still dominate internet news consumption.

Another top category was file sharing, so what sites do Indonesians use to get there hands on pirated content?


File sharing Rank
4shared 11
MediaFire 17
Ziddu 26 45 46
Scribd 58
Free Download MP3 Lagu Indonesia Gratis 61 72
Megaupload 102 105
Subscene 108
RapidShare 117 121
SlideShare 138
The Pirate Bay 158
iMesh 168
EnterUpload 173
File Hippo 178
Mp3Raid 193 204


What about online commerce? What are the preferred online retailers/services here in Indonesia?


Commerce Rank
Tokobagus 20 21
Apple Inc. 57
Bhinneka 66
eBay 71 87
OLX 93 99 167 177
Oriflame 190
Tokopedia 214


There still so much more information we can gather from this simple study. But if you’d like to dig around the data yourself, you can download the data set spreadsheet by clicking here –>

Thanks for reading!

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November 1, 2011 at 9:18 am

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